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Repairing a Leaky Sink

A skilled, Manchester plumbing force, on hand all day, every day.

When we’re not tracing or fixing leaks, we’re delivering a range of other services, like fitting new taps or entire bathroom suites.

Our plumbing services explained

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Tap Repairs

Our expert, local plumbers are available 24/7 to deal with any tap issues you may have. They carry a huge range of stock in their vans, meaning any repairs or installations can usually be done straight away.

Leak detection and repair

Using specialist equipment, we can track down the cause of a leak in no time. Once we've located the leak, we can also get it fixed.

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Hot water cylinder repair

If it's the hot-water tank in the attic, or the copper cylinder in the cupboard, we can fix or replace it.

Bathrooms installations

When it comes to bathroom installations, we've got experience on our side. So whether it's taps, showers or even toilets, we'll add some sparkle while keeping disruption to a minimum.

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Cold water tanks

Looking to have a cold water tank serviced or installed? Leave it to us. Our local plumbers are experts at cold water tank cleaning, installation and servicing.

Commercial plumbing

Apps Plumbing are the go-to professional plumbing solutions for commercial businesses. And our fully-trained plumbers are available 24/7.

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