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Pongo Pay

Public Most of the problems in the building industry come from lack of trust from customers and builders.

Customers think builders/Trades people are all cowboys and rip people off because of TV shows that make every trades man or women look bad. The truth is there are good and bad in every industry.

Builders/Trades people think customers won't pay and never had the money in the first place. Some building project cost a lot of money and unlike when you buy a car for 20K the builder can't do a credit check. Which is not true 99% of all my customers paid on time no problems.

So the biggest problem is trust. Maybe this could be the solution Pongo pay is a middle man who hold the money until everyone is happy. They also check to make sure the builder is who he say he is and they will take the money from the customer before the job start so the builder know that the customer has the money.

Let me know what you think?

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